Mobile Web Design

In today’s culture having access to the front porch of your organization can be the difference between a new loyal customer and a frustrated consumer, a lifetime donor and an acquaintance that you might not give your organization a second thought.  That’s why DROP9 is dedicated to making sure your site is firing on all cylinders.  When you are able to give your website to someone and they find a easy-to-navigate mobile website, or a fast link to your twitter, then it increases the likelihood of being able to hold their attention in a culture that has distractions at every turn.  Also, many of the sites I design use either Textpattern or WordPress as the back-end management software, and now with their help you can edit your site, view traffic stats, and post images from your Android or iPhone.   A presence in the mobile and socially networked worlds of our culture is vital to your organization’s impact.  DROP9’s combination of design, integration, and education can help you impact the world around you.