Social Media Marketing

Think about this statistic:  50% of all time spent on the internet on average from all around the globe is spent on Facebook.  That is why having a presence on social networking sites is a must.  If you are more business-to-business then your focus might need to be LinkedIn.  If you are trying to appeal to a more tech savvy crowd then Twitter and/or Google+ might be the way to go.  There are lots of variables to think about when planning your social marketing strategy.  Some businesses naturally do better in the social marketing arena than others.   A fashion company or an organization with a cause will naturally appeal to more people than a plunger manufacturer for instance.  DROP9 can help you navigate those waters and come up with the best plan to help grow your business.

I can design your Facebook Page or Custom Twitter Backgrounds and help you setup an effective ad campaign on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.  I have had success in getting many Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes in the campaigns I have led.  Contact me today to talk about what DROP9 can do for you.


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